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Opportunity For All Floridians believes all Floridians should be able to earn a good living and get ahead, and that our economy should work for everyone – not just those at the top. Now more than ever, we need solutions to support Floridians impacted by this economic crisis by expanding affordable health care coverage, strengthening unemployment insurance, providing paid leave, making it easier to participate in our democracy, and more.

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Citizen-Led Ballot Initiatives Are Direct Democracy – Don’t Silence Our Voices!

It’s hard enough for everyday people to make their voices heard in state politics. Don’t let partisan politicians take away our right to create change.

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Support schools adding solar roofs for community storm shelters

Add your name to our petition to the Florida Legislature urging them to support legislation to install solar panels on public facilities that double as storm shelters.

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Protect Florida’s “Gold Standard” Vote By Mail System

Tell the Florida Legislature: our vote-by-mail system is the national gold standard — don’t weaken it.

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Tell the Florida Legislature: it’s time to expand Electric Vehicle charging in Florida!

It’s time to expand Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure in Florida! We need to prioritize modernizing our Electric Vehicle infrastructure.

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Latest News


Vote-By-Mail has been around since the Civil War and now some Florida legislators want to kill it

Vote-by-mail has been a valuable tool for military personnel and others who face obstacles to voting since the Civil War.

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Don’t Pennsylvania My Florida

Take it from this Pennsylvania transplant: Florida gets Vote-By-Mail right. Let’s make sure Tallahassee doesn’t mess with success.

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Is Vote-By-Mail at risk in Florida?

In recent years, politicians in Tallahassee have sought to add additional steps to the vote by mail option used by millions of Florida voters.

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Economic OpportunityEnvironment

The Next Fight For Energy Independence: Our Pocketbooks

Guest author Josh Sproat argues the next fight for energy independence isn’t just for countries, it’s for Floridians’ homes and pocketbooks.

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By the Numbers

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Over 800,000 people would gain affordable health coverage if Florida expands Medicaid.


2.8 million people in Florida do not have access to health care due to rising costs of premiums, prescriptions and deductibles.


Over 3 million Floridians have received at least 1 payment from either the state or federal unemployment programs since March 2020.

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93% of all Floridians asked in a recent survey said the state government needs to do more to protect the economy and hard working families.

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