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Opportunity For All Floridians believes all Floridians should be able to earn a good living and get ahead, and that our economy should work for everyone – not just those at the top. Now more than ever, we need solutions to support Floridians impacted by this economic crisis by expanding affordable health care coverage, strengthening unemployment insurance, providing paid leave, making it easier to participate in our democracy, and more.

By the Numbers

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Over 800,000 people would gain affordable health coverage if Florida expands Medicaid.


2.8 million people in Florida do not have access to health care due to rising costs of premiums, prescriptions and deductibles.


Over 3 million Floridians have received at least 1 payment from either the state or federal unemployment programs since mid-March.

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93% of all Floridians asked in a recent survey said the state government needs to do more to protect the economy and hard working families.