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A rooftop solar installation

The Solar Jobs Killer Bill: Who is Behind It?

Tuesday, lawmakers in Tallahassee voted to advance SB 1024, a bill that will drastically reduce Floridians’ ability to save money by investing in solar power generation on their homes, businesses, and places of worship. This bill will also kill thousands of good paying jobs in the residential solar industry and make sure the Sunshine State has some of the most restrictive laws regarding personal solar ownership in America. The need to act to preserve Floridians’ basic right to energy independence and controlling their power bills is urgent. We are facing monopoly utilities with a documented history of engaging in big money contributions to preserve their power, so we must act now.

Tell Florida Lawmakers: Don’t Lower Our Minimum Wage

Floridians believe that everybody who works for a living should be paid enough to provide a decent and healthy life. That’s why we voted overwhelmingly to increase the minimum wage in 2020.

Florida Lawmakers now want to chip away at that living wage law by introducing a so-called “training wage.”

This loophole could mean the end of a real, meaningful living wage for millions of Floridians, especially if employers can just hire and fire new employees every six months to keep them on the “training wage.”

Sign the petition: we voted to increase the minimum wage and we meant that.